The Summer Laundry Challenge

One of the intersections of active spirituality and practical faith for me has been to see in which ways I can be more environmentally aware.  My current challenge for the summer was to hang as much laundry outside as possible from May through October.  It’d be no problem of course, right?  Just let the kids play outside for the day while I ran in and out of the laundry room to hang up the clothes on the line.  I even convinced Anneke, another member of my community, to try this with me.  We both set a goal.  Mine was 60% and hers was 33% of washed clothes hung on the line.  I work at home and have a family of 4 and she and her husband both work so we thought these were realistic goals.

Anneke met her goal plus some, and until she moved was acheiving around 50%.  For me it hasn’t worked out exactly how I’d planned.

I wash about ten loads a week including diapers and in our community we all share the washer so to make it easier we have assigned days.  Would you believe its rained on every one of my wash days?  Well it hasn’t but it sure feels like it.  And when it hasn’t I’ve had to have a day of running errands.  Nothing is working as easy and as idyllic as I’d hoped.  I’ve had months as high as 50% and my lowest was around 23%.

I haven’t given up in frustration but I am cutting myself some slack. Life is complex.  A goal like this assumes a sense of great scheduling and organization and to be honest I don’t think I every quite get there. And I think I’m getting to that point in my life where I can say that’s OK (and really believe it most of the time.)

One Response to The Summer Laundry Challenge

  1. Becky says:

    Ricci, this really made me laugh. I can believe that it rained on every laundry day! ;o) One thing that I did in my last apartment was to run laundry twine back and forth around hooks in my ceiling and then hang all my laundry with pins on the line. Of course, I am just one person, and of course inside drying takes longer than outside, but this really cut down on both my energy use for a dryer and my use of quarters (for the shared machines in my apartment building).

    Anyhow, hang in there with the goals and try again next spring!

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